The foundation of the best online casinos is the best online casino software and the quality of the technology that powers it. Although the players and the cooperation with other companies are also essential for the operators, the most important thing is still the gaming software and the developers behind the product.

Each online casino software platforms has its own selection of games, most of which are popular in both land-based and virtual casinos. Many online developers give their classics a unique, modern touch and also provide completely new game concepts.

Innovation and modern security standards have always driven the online casino software industry and fresh new gaming options are launched every year.

How to compare

When looking for the best casino online casino software suppliers, you should not only pay attention to what games are available, but also compare the software effects, speed, stability, graphics and security measures. All of these features differ between software platforms.

Each casino software reviews should also display a proof of fairness that guarantees you its legitimacy. Generally, independent testers check the casino software, source code, payout minimum, and other technical features to ensure that players are offered fair play.

Each download casino software is also required to produce monthly payout reports, conduct compliance tests, and test their system on a regular basis.

Casino Software Features

As in any tech industry, online casino gambling software is constantly being updated and new features are added to make it a user-friendly interface. One of the most practical features in recent years is the “auto-play” option. This has recently been implemented by the major players in the casino gaming industry.

Banking is also a common feature that is integrated into the online casino software solutions, though the processes here can vary depending on which platform you use. Depositing money is a fairly simple process and all casinos offer credit and debit cards as options. E-wallet services have become a popular payment method as well.

Of course, many players want to know if their favorite games are available at an operator. Most platforms do not offer multiplayer games or poker. These programs usually require separate software downloads for players who want to enter poker rooms. However, there are many variations of blackjack, roulette, other popular table games, video poker and slot machines available at almost all casino operators.

Pay attention to the payout rate of the games

One of the most important aspects that experienced gamblers look for when choosing an online casino is the odds of winning and the percentages of winnings that can be expected – better known as the payout percentage. After all, the goal of gambling is to get back more than you put in.

Most best casino software online reviews will tell you the return from the games. Some games, such as slot machines, yield a higher return in online casinos. Land-based slot machines record a payout rate of 70 to 80 percent, but online casinos have an expected profitability of 90 to 95 percent. German online casinos with the best payout rates can be found in our overview.